A free resource for fellow ramblers

Walks that have been undertaken over many years by myself and rambling group have been documented and are now freely available.


A good sized library now exists, mainly of walks in my native Peak District.


Please feel free to browse.

Click on the title to send an email to request the link to the walk that takes your fancy.

I have put a few of each category on the site at the moment to see how it goes. If it proves popular there are a lot more to follow.

If you feel that a small donation is appropriate, please make it to one of the nominated charities:- Mountain Rescue (brilliant photo of the Sea King!), Ramblers, or Peak & Northern Footpaths Society- just click on one of the logos above.

Please note:- This website has no desire to being a competitor to the more commercial websites that are fully automated and carry adverts.  It’s purpose is to share some great walks that I have done over the years by supplying a written guide in as much useful detail as possible, and at the same time provide a small source of income to the charities listed.

GRADING OF WALKS calculated as follows-

EASY:- is LESS than 15kms AND LESS than 250m of ascent.

MODERATE:- is LESS than 15kms OR LESS than 250m of ascent.

STRENUOUS:- is MORE than 15kms AND MORE than 250m of ascent.

The current walks available are:-

Peak District- Easy Walks

Peak District- Moderate Walks

Peak District- Strenuous Walks

DISCLAIMER- the information in these guides is is given in good faith and is believed to be correct at the time of publication. No responsibility is accepted by the author for errors or omissions, or for any loss or injury howsoever caused. You must judge your own fitness, competence, and experience.